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No Bull

Sep 25, 2017

What the hell is a vegan tattoo?! That was my first thought when I heard about it. So I had Dina, the owner of the 100% vegan tattoo shop Gristle Tattoo, tell me all about it.
We also discuss how her background in finance helped her in the tattoo industry, how Gristle came to be, her new nursing practice, and...

Sep 18, 2017

Power couple Pierre and Trina have quit their jobs to travel the world, taking on 12 countries in 12 months. Pierre is a photographer and founder of KYMA, the Airbnb for photo shoots, and Trina is a client services VP. I sat down to chat with them just before their departure. However, we didn't talk much about...

Sep 11, 2017

I talk about my trip to Toronto, making Internet friends, and why I'll never be a perfect vegan-- and why that's ok. 

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Sep 5, 2017

Restauranteur Jeff LaPadula is a hardworking BADASS!! He went from working in the finance industry to scrubbing the floors of a cafe just so he could get his foot in the door of the restaurant industry. 
He now co-owns Terri, a vegan fast casual chain, and P.S. Kitchen, a brand new fine-dining restaurant that gives 100%...