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No Bull

Aug 28, 2020

Joseph and I are coming up on our 1 year co-habitation (lol) anniversary, so today we are doing some reflection! We discuss rituals that work for us, lessons learned, adjustments we've made for each other, our financials, and more. 


Follow me...

Aug 21, 2020

Given that it's beach season, this week we are taking a deep dive into Japan's very specific beach culture.

What do Japanese people wear to the beach? What do we drink and eat? What is the beach etiquette? Do Japanese people sunbathe? 

We also share one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Kamakura, and Joseph complains...

Aug 14, 2020

We went paragliding for the first time and got attacked by giant horseflies in Gunma! 
We discuss our action-packed adventure weekend, the link between fermented veggies and COVID-19 mortality rates, which masks are most effective, and why I'm mad at Mos Burger. 



Aug 7, 2020

Throughout our adult lives, both Joseph and I have had to deal with being thousands of miles apart from our families for long stretches of time. We talk about how we cope, how we stay in touch with family members, and our fears of how this could affect us. 

We also talk about a great vegan-friendly izakaya we...