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No Bull

Feb 25, 2022

This week in London, there are no more masks on the tube as covid restrictions are totally lifted...

Our main topic this episode is comparing Love Is Blind US and Japan, which have been top of mind since both are airing on Netflix simultaneously. We get into the communication, production, and cultural differences,...

Feb 18, 2022

This week for our #sliceofLondonlife segment, we share a news story about a bar floor that collapsed in Hackney Wick.

For our main topic, we talk about the nutritional differences between dairy and non-dairy milk. I also share the differences between each type of non-dairy milk (soy, almond, oat, coconut, etc) and which...

Feb 11, 2022

Our Slice of London Life segment this week is about a new alternative milk that's hitting London's shelves. It's made from something you probably never thought you'd find in your milk....!

We also chat about the latest Oatly scandal in which they encouraged part-time veganism & activism, which of course caused an uproar...

Feb 4, 2022

We begin with a 'Slice of London Life' segment about the closing of several Tesco-owned stores & counters due to the decreasing demand for meat & fish products.

We then talk about 10 things that are perfectly acceptable in the U.S. but horrifying in the UK:

  • Saying someone has a lot of spunk 
  • The name Randy 
  • Over...