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No Bull

Dec 31, 2018

Today I share my 19 goals for 2019. 

The list:

  1. Go hiking/trailing at least once a month
  2. Start swimming
  3. Do sea to summit
  4. Do Yama marathon
  5. Save money for travel
  6. Read at least 10 books
  7. Blog at least once a week
  8. Try skiing
  9. Buy a camera
  10. Go to Sogo Fitness/Namban more often
  11. Meditate 2 or 3 times a week
  12. PR at next marathon
  13. Get better at Keigo
  14. Get promoted
  15. Get to know more people at work
  16. Become more involved in vegan community in Japan
  17. Get a helmet
  18. Make my bed every morning
  19. Buy/consume more mindfully


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