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No Bull

Dec 31, 2021

Hello from Paris! We chat about our Christmas in Paris and my eczema outbreak before going into our 2022 goals. We each share 11 goals/things we'd like to do in 2022.

Joseph’s 11:

  1. Go on a weekend trip to Loire vineyard 
  2. Go on a weekend trip to Madrid with Manley
  3. Go on a weekend trip with Margot and Hubert 
  4. Set up our LISA investment strategy 
  5. Decide on where to buy an apartment (which city)
  6. Get a new fucking mattress
  7. Go on a holiday trip with cousins 
  8. Get married 
  9. Scuba dive, for christ’s sake
  10. Go swimming at least once a week
  11. Spend a weekend in Toulouse with Daniel and Elena 

Anna's 11:

  1. Run a marathon (ideally a world's major)
  2. Get legally married and convert my visa to a spouse visa
  3. Go to Scotland or Ireland
  4. Reach 2000 YT subscribers (and get a new camera as a result)
  5. Do a winery tour in France
  6. Be more consistent on Instagram 
  7. Be able to hold a basic convo in French - take lessons? 
  8. Try acupuncture
  9. Start incorporating more gymnastics into my workouts
  10. Network more with vegan Londoners - maybe collab on YT
  11. Become a ‘regular’ at restaurants - choose a few and rotate through them every few weeks

#AskJoanna: If YOU have any questions about being in a mixed-race, culture, or diet relationship, or about living abroad, please leave me a DM on Instagram. You can also email me at We'll answer it on the next episode!

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